Assembly Partner

Our Assembly Partner provides services in printed circuit board assembly, including:

Technologies Offered:

  • MicroBGA and Flip Chip assembly and rework down to 0.007"(0.16 mm) pitch
  • 0201/ LLC component placement
  • Large BGA 3" x 3" upto 2500 balls placement and rework.
  • In-house HP5DX 3D X-ray inspection
  • In-house Flying Probe testing for PCB assemblies
  • In-house BGA replacement and reball
  • Box Build
  • DFM and DFT

Services Offered:

  • Turnkey service including PCB, component, enclosures, packaging materials procurement
  • Quick-turn PCB assembly
  • 0201/BGA/uBGA/ LLP/ CSP/ Flip Chip installation and rework
  • Testing services including flying probe testing and ICT
  • 3D x-ray inspection for failure analysis
  • RMA hub
  • Press fit assembly, Cabel assembly
  • Burn In Testing, Full Functional In-Circuit Testing, RF Testing and Calibration
  • ISO-9000 certified:each of your instructions will be documented and followed faithfully. If there is a small doubt, we always ask! Procedures are maintained throughout the process to ensure each jobs are performed correctly. Quality assembly is always on the top of our priorities.