PBC Fabrication

PCB Fabrication: ISO-9001 

Otter offers a wide breadth of high performance circuits, with advanced printed circuit board manufacturing technology of laser-drilled size to minimum of 5 mil, line width to minimum of 3 mil, back drilled, via-in pad, and filled via-in pad.

Otter excels with quick-turn (5,7,10 day) & low-cost solutions and advanced high performance circuit technology. Our high performance printed circuit manufacturing capabilities add to our technology-focused, vertically integrated system solutions with:

  • Engineering Services including PCB layout design and material selection
  • High Performance printed circuit manufacturing including: 
    • Buried/sequential, blind, back-drilled, dual diameter vias
    • Epoxy filled via-in pads
    • HASL, OSP, Tin/Lead, Silver and Gold finish
    • Single and Differential Impedance Control

With Multivia and Sequential Lamination build up technology, we can address the following area:

  • High-speed
  • High-density
  • Design flexibility
  • Layer reduction
  • Cost Reduction