Layout Services

Our PCB design experience covers diverse fields; including but not limited to, notebook and desktop PC system boards, graphics and networking cards, communications and multimedia cards, power supplies and high frequency circuitry, RF/Microwave, fax/Modem/ISDN, PCMCIA solutions, and flexible printed circuits. 

Our technologies include:

  • Analog, Digital or Mixed Designs including Hi-Speed and RF
  • Single, Double Sided and High Density
  • Thru-Hole and Surface Mount Technology
  • Impedance Control

We have a group of dedicated skilled engineers who are proficient in Mentor Graphics® (PADS) POWER PCB® layout design tools to meet our customer preferences.

We treat each case, whether a singular prototype model or large-quantity industrial design, with the same level of commitment and attention to detail. Every job is completed according to customer requirements, with efforts made to improve your electronics systems performance, quality and efficiency.

Project Requirements

  • Schematic in OrCad Capture, electronic format
  • Bill of material, with manufacturer's part number
  • Mechanical drawing, in DXF format preferred

That's typically all Otter needs to start your design from a schematic capture file (*.DSN). Additional information might be needed if the project has a lot of unique and specific requirement.


After completion of the layout, pen plots are submitted to the customers for review and, upon customer's approval, electronic files are generated:

  • CAD Layout files
  • Fabrication Gerbers
  • PDFs of the Gerbers
  • Manufacturing file
  • Assembly Drawings